Hi, I’m Elishah

and welcome to Spoons N Spices, I’m so glad you’re here!

Just a little about me- I am a classically trained chef, I attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. After graduating, I worked at a little restaurant in Montana for a few years. From there I started a private chef business and did in home catering for business dinners, birthday parties, and small events.

About Me

Around 2012 I realized I needed to make a change and discovered Paleo and it completely changed the way I ate. I started feeling amazing just from properly fueling my body. About a year later I completed my first Whole30. From there my passion for making healthy food that tastes amazing has grown. I love to share how much food has an impact on our bodies with anyone who will listen. My husband is in the Air Force and since marrying in 2015, we have moved many times. When we were stationed in Missouri, a friend asked if I would start Paleo meal prepping for her. That’s when Spoons N Spices was created.

“I love to show people that eating nutrient- dense, whole foods can be delicious and exciting!”

It has evolved over the few years to include Paleo recipes, being a Certified Whole30 Coach, and a passion for cleaner skin care. My coaching approach helps my clients gain confidence in their food choices through providing accountability and life hacks that promote sustainable change. As a recovering sugar addict, I understands how to navigate daily life and social situations while still making decisions that support goals. If I can help you along your journey to finding the healthiest you, please contact me to schedule a free consultation call or to answer any questions.


Whether you have a question about a recipe or you’re interested in working together, let’s chat.

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