Things I'm Loving Right Now May 2021

Hu Chocolate $5.42+

Hu chocolate has been a favorite of mine for years. Their chocolate is Paleo, vegan, organic, and refined sugar-free. They do not use dairy, soy, or gluten in their chocolate products. I love the creamy texture and how simple their ingredients are. They have a variety of chocolate products ranging from simple bars to bars stuffed with nut butter, to chocolate-covered nuts. You cannot go wrong with any of their products. I linked their website below but their products are also available on Thrive Market, at Whole Foods, and some grocery stores.

Adidas (NMD_R1 Shoes) $140

I usually do not spend a lot of money on a pair of sneakers, and everything I buy is on sale. Recently I was in desperate need of a new pair and ran across these. They had great reviews, but I didn’t purchase them at first because I love a good sale. After a few days, I kept thinking about them and decided to give them a try. I fell in love. They are like walking on clouds and mold to your feet. I’ve used them for running, long walks, and bodyweight workouts, and they have been amazing. They do tend to run a little big, so I recommend sizing down a half size. They come in 14 different color options. If you ever find these on sale, please let me know so I can snag another pair.

Beef Stick (The New Primal) $1.95+

These beef sticks are my favorite. I love the flavor and texture. The meat sticks are sugar-free, Whole30 Approved and made with grass-fed beef. I always keep a couple of these in my purse for emergencies, and I have backups in my pantry. All of the products from The New Primal are delicious, and because I am a Whole30 coach, I have had the pleasure of meeting the founders on multiple occasions. They are the kindest, most genuine people. I love supporting amazing small businesses. If you use the code "SPOONS” when shopping on their website, you will get 15% off your order.

The Jellies (Beautycounter) $29 for 2

When you were younger, did you love LipSmackers? I was obsessed with them. Fast forward to the present day and enter The Jellies. These are lip glosses without a sticky finish and have sweet smells similar to the beloved LipSmacker, except these are sweetened with stevia and made with good-for-you ingredients. I keep these in multiple places- the car, my purse, and my nightstand. I cannot get enough of them. They give you a shine while keeping your lips soft.

Ruggable $199+

We have a 17-year-old beagle named Benny, and he has a bit of doggie dementia. If we leave him home for more than a couple of hours by himself, he usually pees in the house and tends to do it on the area rug in the living room. For that reason, I needed a rug I could stick in the washing machine and clean. I hesitantly purchased a Ruggable, hoping it would hold up. We’ve had it now for about 2 months and have loved it. We have a 6x9, and it fits in our standard washing machine. We have washed it multiple times, and it’s held up great. It does take two people to lay it out flat without bumps. There is a velcro-like mat that goes under the rug to hold it in place. They have hundreds of designs and multiple different sizes.


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